Stack Nest Containers

Strong, durable containers that are used for many different applications.
These containers stack and nest. Commonly used in the catering industry due to being made by a food grade material; they are also used within the engineering trade, bars, restaurants, general storage and transportation of goods. Below are some common uses:

  • Produce Distribution & Display
  • Transporting Prepacked Meats
  • Distribution of Prepacked Fish
  • Storing Housewares
  • Cool Chain Distribution
180° Stack Nest Containers
180° Stack Nest Containers

The 180° Stack Nest container is a very unique storage crate. 180° Stack Nest containers can stack when it’s full, and when empty the plastic crate can then be rotated 180° to enable the container to nest inside each other – which saves up to 70% space when empty. To make matters easier, this stack nest container is also colour coded, when the colours match they nest inside, when the colours are reversed this storage crate then stacks. Stack Nesting containers are commonly used in the catering industry for food processing, food preparation, and storing meat products. This nesting crate is also used for parts storage. The 180° Stack Nest Containers come in either a solid version or a ventilated version.