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Attached Lidded
Attached Lid Containers

Containers stack with lids closed and nest with lids open. Great to store or move items or stock around.

Euro Containers
Euro Stacking Storage

Need an ideal storage container? Our Euro Stacking crates are ideal for general storage, ranging from storage of video games to storage of automotive/engineering parts.

Nesting Containers
Stack Nest Storage

Want food or general storage containers? Our Stack Nest storage containers are used for many different applications, the stack or nest option is great for saving valuable space.

Stacking Crates

The famous Maxinest containers were developed following close observation of how the food and grocery supply chain worked and designed in consultation with major retailers.

Picking Bins
Allibin Storage

Need Small Parts Storage? Then our Allibin range is the perfect small part storage solution for you. We have a range of sizes and colours to match your needs.

Accessories | Dollies

Need to move, protect or secure your plastic crates? We offer a complete range of items to ease the handling of crates.

Storage Crates and Containers

Euro Containers

Euro Stacking Containers are plastic boxes that are made to fit on standard European size pallets. Euro stacking crates are available solid, with or without hand holes and ventilated/perforated. Cover lids are available to fit these plastic boxes, and cable ties can be added to the lids to provide extra level of security. Euro stacking containers with hinged lid, which can also be locked with cable ties/security seals. Euro containers come in mainly grey, but some are also available in red. Plastic Euro stacking crates are made from food grade material which is suitable for storing ingredients, raw produce, groceries, bakery and other catering products.

Stack and Nesting Crates

Stack and Nesting crates are plastic crates which offer space saving designs that stack on top of each other when full and nest when empty. The space saving designs include the dual height stack nesting design, 180° rotating design, or by using the bale arms. The 180° Stack Nesting Containers are cleverly designed, they’re colour coded to help the user so when the colours match, they nest and when the colours are reversed by rotating 180° the plastic crates then stack. Stack Nesting crates with Bale Arms are designed to allow the user to have two/three internal working heights; this is by adjusting the bale arms to suit the user. These plastic crates are made from Polypropylene which is a food grade container which makes it safe to store foods in, also is very strong and durable.

Storage Boxes & Storage Containers

Our attached lidded crates (totes) make the perfect storage boxes and storage containers. Attached lidded crates will secure your items more than any plastic crate due to their crocodile closing lid, we can supply you with tamper evident seals for most of our range, which will add an extra level of security for your items. Our storage crates are made of polypropylene; they are very strong and durable, allowing you to use these plastic storage containers again and again. Storage containers come in many different sizes, and also different colours.

Small Parts Storage & Picking Bins

We have the perfect small part storage solution – Allibins come in a range of sizes, starting from the 1 litre to the 75 litre. These small picking bins are ideal for small part storage; they are used for many different applications as they’re strong and durable. Picking bins are designed to accommodate very small items, that can be securely stacked or even hooked to a wall panel for easy access which are great for mechanics or electricians for storing their tools and can easily access their items.

Ventilated Plastic Containers

Ventilated plastic containers are manufactured with many perforated holes to allow maximum airflow to circulate around the items in the container. Vented crates are often used when storing foods, as the food may need to be temperature controlled and the perforations allow that to happen. Ventilated plastic containers come in many different types, including crates that stack and nest. Perforated crates come in our Euro Stacking, Stack Nesting and Maxinest range.

Removal Crates

The most commonly used Removal Crate is the 80 litre plastic storage crates. The removal crates are in the Attached Lidded range, and they are perfect for domestic or office removals. This storage container is very strong and durable as well as very secure, hence why they’re used to store valuable items in. The removal crates also have slots to enter cable ties or security seals in to add an extra level of security. Other common removal crates are the computer lidded crates and the metre lidded crate. All of our removal crates can fit onto our skates which makes it easier to transport your full removal storage crates. These removal crates can also be securely stacked.

Food Grade Containers

All of our plastic boxes, crates and containers are food grade containers, as they are all made to allow food to be stored in them. Food grade containers are suitable for storing ingredients, groceries, raw produce, bakery and other catering products. Our collection includes a wide range of food grade containers, such as the bale arm crates, stack nest containers, confectionery trays and maxinest crates. Food grade plastic containers do not contain dyes that are harmful to humans or animals; they are also not recycled from plastics that can or have been known to be toxic.


We supply many different accessories to help you with your storage or transportation of your plastic crates. We supply dollies/skates in many different sizes, which will help you to transport plastic containers. We can also improve the security of your ALC crates and some of the Euro stackers with our cable ties and security crate seals. We supply bubble wrap to help protect the items inside of your storage crates, our bubble wrap comes in different sizes to suit your needs.

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