We stock a large range of accessories to maximise the use of your storage crates. We supply tamper evident crate seals and cable ties to enable you to store valuable items and put your mind at ease. We also sell dollies/skates which allow you to transport your storage boxes with ease.

All of the accessories we supply are of a high quality. Our accessories could help you with the following:

  • Transportation of storage crates
  • Protection of items
  • Security of valuable products
  • Tamper evidence
Accessories - Dollies - Crate Seals - Bubble Wrap

We supply a large range of accessories to make your house move, office move or general storage easier and more secure. Our tamper evident seals come in two different types, the arrow lock crate seals which come in 7 different colours, and unique numbered security seals. The crate dollies that we supply come in different sizes, colours and types. Dollies are also known as Skates. We stock bubble wrap in many different sizes that can be used to protect the goods inside of your storage crates.

Crate Dollies

Crate dollies are also known as skates. Skates are used for transporting storage crates. Dollies come in a different sizes, colours and types. A standard 600 x 400mm crate dolly/skate is available to carry any 600 x 400mm Euro container, ALC (Attached lidded container), Maxinest & 180° Stack Nest Container. Standard dollies can be linked together to simultaneously move two loads. 800 x 600mm Universal Dollies are excellent as they can carry 2 stacks of 600 x 400mm plastic containers. Universal dollies also have pop-ups that safely retain loads which lets the crate sit comfortably inside the pop-ups which stops the storage containers from sliding around on the dolly. The universal dolly includes a flip-out extension which carries two stacks of nested ALCs (600 x 400mm attached lidded storage containers have a 600 x 500mm footprint when nested). Other dollies are available to carry specific product ranges, including the confectionery trays, 80-litre removal storage crate, bread baskets, etc…

Tamper Evident Crate Seals

Tamper Evident crate seals are used to secure items inside plastic boxes. We have 2 different types of tamper evident crate seals, these include the arrow lock crate seals and unique numbered security seals. Arrow lock seals come in 7 different colours which are black, blue, green, orange, red, white & yellow. Crate seals are used to secure specific makes and models of plastic attached lidded containers and tote boxes. These are commonly used in retail to secure items, and also within archive storage/records management so the confidential paperwork or files can be kept safe and secure. Arrow lock seals are really popular as they’re easy to put on with their specially designed locking mechanism; they’re also easy to take off with one hand. Arrow lock crate seals are available in bags of 500. Numbered security seals are great as each seal has its own specific number which means each storage crate could be identified by the unique number on the security seal. They’re used for securing the lids on our crates and are also great as cable ties for grouping contents together whilst in the crate.