Euro Stacking Containers

Euro Stacking Container boxes with and without lids are heavy duty plastic containers that stack but do not nest. These heavy duty euro stacking boxes generally have a greater volume due to their straight sides.

Most of our plastic euro stacking boxes are commonly used in the catering industry due to being made by a food grade material; they are also used within the engineering trade, bars, restaurants, general storage and transportation of goods along with many other uses. Below are a few common uses:

  • Storage of Meats
  • Storing Automotive Parts
  • Storing Engineering Parts
  • Storage of Electrical Goods
  • Harvesting Soft Fruits
Euro Stacking Containers – 400 x 300
Euro Stacking Containers – 600 x 400
Euro Stacking Containers – 800 x 600
Ventilated Euro Stacking Containers
Euro Stacking Lidded Containers
Euro Stacking Container Lids
Confectionary Trays
Large Storage Containers - Euro Stacking Boxes - Ventilated Containers

Euro Stacking Containers are the perfect plastic storage crate. Euro Stackers are used in every industry and for any application, ranging from storage of foods to storing engineering & automotive parts. Euro stacking crates have many key features and benefits; the biggest is the excellent capacity/overall size ratio. Euro stacking boxes come in a range of sizes, from very small to very large and due to their straight sides they generally have a greater volume capacity. This stackable box is heavy duty which allows for storage of heavy items and is also made easy for transportation with their hand holes. Euro Stacking boxes come in a solid version, and also a ventilated/perforated version. This storage crate is very popular. Lids available separately or also available with attached hinged lid.

Due to the variety of types and sizes with the euro stacking boxes, it makes them popular with all different trades. The Euro stacking containers with hinged lids are useful for small part storage and large part storage due to the different sizes. The hinged lids add an extra level of security. The Euro Stacking boxes with no lids come in many different sizes ranging from a 2 Litre euro stacker all the way to a 162 Litre large storage container, so there is literally a size for all different types of storage. You can also get standard lids to go on top of many of the euro stackers in our range, which allows you to put a lid on these storage containers if necessary. The strong polypropylene material makes them excellent crates for storing heavy items. Most of our stackable boxes have hand holes, which make it easier to pick up these storage containers when carrying items. We also have a large range of ventilated containers in the euro stacking range in many different sizes, these are largely used for harvesting soft fruits, storing meats, etc. due to the ventilated sides which provide maximum airflow. We also sell dollies to fit these euro stackers, which are great for transporting a container while storing items in. These are also stackable boxes which allow you to store items in, and then stack on top of one another to save valuable storage space.

Euro Stacking Without Lids

Our Euro Stacking boxes without lids are great stackable storage boxes which offer flexible storage and distribution. The euro stacking boxes are easy to clean and made of tough polypropylene which makes them popular for storing automotive parts, engineering parts and electrical goods. They are great for storage of electrical goods because they are heavy duty electro-conductive plastic boxes which protect electronic components from damaging due to electro-static discharge during assembly, transport or storage. They have a smooth base and comfortable hand holes which make them great for handling while distributing goods. The euro stackers come in many different sizes which make them great for small part storage and also excellent large storage containers. The uses for this crate are endless…

Euro Stacking With Attached Lids

These Euro Stacking boxes with an attached hinged lid range from a 10 Litre to a 75 Litre, which is great for small parts storage, and storage of large items or a high quantity of items. This storage box with lid is made with strong polypropylene material which makes them strong and durable. The attached lid gives it an added level of security. This stacking container is commonly used for storing small parts components. The heavy duty integral snap shut lid helps protect valuable contents and also prevents lids being lost.

Ventilated Containers

Our Ventilated Containers provide maximum airflow while still providing strength and durability. These vented containers are commonly used in the catering industry for harvesting soft fruits, storing meats and distributing salads. This perforated crate comes in many different sizes and is useful when breathing or drainage is required.

Confectionery Trays

Confectionery trays are a modular range of hygienic stacking containers mainly for the food industry. The confectionery trays are strong and can hold a lot of weight. These plastic storage crates only come in a natural color which is white looking; lids are available to fit the whole confectionary tray range. There’s also a dolly to suit every size confectionary tray, plastic dollies are used for easy transportation of plastic crates with items in.