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Crate Hire Company | Crate Rental for Home & Office Moves

The Crate Hire Company is a division of The Hill Company; we provide a very high standard & efficient crate hire service for home and office moves.

The Crate Hire Company provides next-day UK nationwide delivery and all of our jobs are done with our crates, delivered by our driver in our vehicles. There is no other company involved in your crate rental which means no confusion and no delay with answers. We can provide the following:

  • Next-day UK Nationwide delivery
  • Specific Timed Journeys
  • High quality clean crates
  • Competitive Rates
  • Easy online ordering system

Crate Hire - Nationwide Next-Day Delivery – Home & Business Moves

Crate Hire Company is the sister company of Linpac Shop; we provide a next day, nationwide delivery service for crate rental for house removals and office moves. We have an easy online ordering system so all crate hires can be arranged with no stress. Crate Hire Company use their own crates, delivered by their own drivers in their own fleet of vehicles to ensure all crate hires are carried out at the highest level possible. All deliveries are made on a day specified by the customer, the customer can also select a specific time at an extra cost.

Crates for Hire

Crate Hire Company stocks a large range of high quality storage crates. All crates have lids attached which helps protect the items inside, however we do sell a range of accessories which will ensure your items do not get damaged. All of our crates are secure, however if you have valuable items, we can provide you with Cable Ties or Numbered Security seals for maximum security. Crates are used more often than cardboard boxes due to the strength of them as opposed to a cardboard box which can easily be torn. Storage crates can also be reused many times.

The most common crate used for hires is the Standard Lidded Crates aka LC3 crate. The LC3 is an 80 Litre Attached Lidded Crate which is great for moving around items in your household as well as office equipment such as Lever Arch Files, books, etc.

Second most popular crate for rental is the Computer Crate; there are 2 types of computer crates – the IT6 which is the large computer crate or the IT3 which is the smaller computer crate. Mainly used for carrying computer screens and the related equipment that comes with a computer. The IT3 is mostly used for carrying flat screen monitors, whereas the IT6 would be suitable for the larger computers. Both of these crates are also used for carrying larger household items.

Third most popular would be the Metre Lidded Crate aka LMC. The Metre lidded crate is a Metre in length, which is often used for carrying a Metre of filing throughout office moves. The LMC is also handy for carrying household items however try not to overload it as it can get too heavy to carry unless you’re using a skate/dolly which we could also provide.

The Personal Lidded Crate aka LC2 is often used for carrying clothing throughout retail stores or home moves as it is smaller than the LC3 therefore the items have less space to move around inside and easier to maneuver around.

Handling Equipment to help with your move

Crate Hire Company can provide you with handling equipment which could make your move go smoothly. Crates can get heavy once they are fully loaded up, therefore our handling equipment could help a large amount by making the crates easier to transport around.

The Desk Dolly/Skate is the most common equipment used for hires as they do not take up a large amount of room when they aren’t in use, also when they are in use, you can stack any of our hire crates on them and wheel them around without having to struggle carrying them. Our Skates have a rubber top which prevents crates from sliding off when the dolly is in use.

The Sack Barrow is the second most used handling equipment that we provide. Often used in office removals, the nose plate is flush to the ground to prevent the need for bending down and lifting the items. The Sack Barrow can make your move a lot less stressful and easier because you can carry many items at once, without a struggle.

We also provide roll cages; they are mainly used for transporting computers, printers, screens, etc… Our roll cages have one shelf, which you can collapse to the side so it’s not in the way when transporting the larger items.


Crate Hire Company stock a large range of accessories which can come in great use when you’re moving home or office. We have arrow lock crate seals, cable ties and numbered security seals which add an extra level of security to your crates. We also store bubble wrap in 2 different sizes, bubble bags & white news offcuts which you can wrap your items in to protect them from getting damaged – we can also provide packaging tape to securely wrap your items. Crate Hire Company also has our own branded removal labels so you can identify your crates by the labels on them.

We also have a large range of removal boxes and archive boxes if you prefer to use boxes for certain items as opposed to our crates.