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Stack Nest Containers

Our Stack Nesting range includes Maxinest containers, Confectionary Trays & 180° Stack Nest Containers. They are strong, durable containers that are used for many different applications.

These plastic stack & nest boxes are commonly used in the catering industry due to being made by a food grade material; they are also used within the engineering trade, bars, restaurants, general storage and transportation of goods. Below are some common uses:

  • Produce Distribution & Display
  • Transporting Prepacked Meats
  • Distribution of Prepacked Fish
  • Storing Housewares
  • Cool Chain Distribution

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Stacking Crates - Maxinest Nesting Containers - 180° Stack Nest Storage

We provide a wide range of stack nesting crates, which include different types and sizes of stackingcontainers. Dual height stacking crates are commonly used in the catering industry, but are used for all types of storage and distribution. We have the maxinest crates, stack nest with bale arms, 180° stack nesting crates and confectionary trays. Each of these storage crates have different attributes to match your needs, such as the bale arm crate which is useful because they have the bale arm which allows the plastic crate to have three internal working heights on some of the range and two internal working heights on the rest, also the 180° stack nest containers can nest inside each other, then when rotated at 180° they also stack. These plastic containers are all made from polypropylene, which makes them strong and durable crates, they also have smooth interior which is great for protection of products inside. Many of this range also are perforated crates; the perforations allow good air circulation which is great for storing and distribution of food products. The Stacking crates are also great for storing foods as they can handle temperatures from -30°C to +85°C. Unlike disposable packaging, our storage containers can be used multiple times which helps our customers to comply with packaging waste legislation, also to reduce carbon footprint and save money.

Maxinest Containers

Maxinest Containers were developed following close observation of how the food and grocery supply chain worked. Because of this, it makes them largely known within the catering industry. Some of the Maxinest Storage crates have bale arms attached to them, which allow the maxinest crate to stack when the bale arm is down. The swing bar action allows the crate to have three internal working heights. When the swing bar is off, the maxinest container nests inside each other. When the swing bar is locked at the lowest point the maxinest crate,nest inside one another. When the swing bar is locked at its highest point the maxinest container then stacks on top of oneanother. This Maxinest crate is used or storing prepacked meats, fresh produce, fresh vegetables, meat distribution and cool chain distribution. This plastic maxinest container is also used for general storage such as storing computer games, storing clothing and housewares.

180° Stack Nest Containers

The 180° Stack Nest container is a very unique storage crate. 180° Stack Nest containers canstack when it’s full, and when empty the plastic crate can then be rotated 180° to enable the container to nest inside each other - which saves up to 70% space when empty. To make matters easier, this stack nest container is also color coded, when the colours match they nest inside, when the colours are reversed this storage crate then stacks. Stack Nesting containers are commonly used in the catering industry for food processing, food preparation, and storing meat products. This nesting crate is also used for parts storage. The 180° Stack Nest Containers come in either a solid version or a ventilated version.

Confectionery Trays

Confectionery trays are a modular range of hygienic stacking containers mainly for the food industry. The confectionery trays are strong and can hold a lot of weight. These plastic storage crates only come in a natural color which is white looking; lids are available to fit the whole confectionary tray range. There’s also a dolly to suit every size confectionary tray, plastic dollies are used for easy transportation of plastic crates with items in.

Stack Nest with Bale Arms

The Stack Nest with Bale Arms is excellent for storage due to their two or three internal height option. These stacking storage crates are the only plastic containers manufactured to offer multi-height options, enabling the same tray to be used for a number of different applications. Dual height stack nest with bale arm crates come in a wide range of sizes and formats. They are ideal for fridge and freezers due to the fact they can handle temperatures of -30°C to +85°C and the ventilated crate allow air flow, speeding cooling and helping to maintain a constant temperature. This dual height container is available in a solid or perforated format.