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Attached Lid Storage Containers

Our Attached lidded containers, also known as Tote Boxes, are heavy duty plastic storage crates with lids that are hinged. Our attached lidded containers are made to stack when full, and nest when empty to save valuable storage space.

Our ALC plastic crates are made from polypropylene and can store heavy items in, which makes them very useful for a variety of uses such as the following:

  • House/Office Removals
  • General Storage
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution
  • Retail
  • Archive Storage
  • Courier Service

The list is endless...

Attached Lid Containers (ALC) - Plastic Crates - Storage Containers

Attached lidded storage containers are the perfect plastic crate. These Plastic Storage Crates provide a high amount of security with the easy tamper-deterrent security seal fixing which gives you a peace of mind when storing and transporting valuable goods. Our ALC containers are also very strong and durable, which allows you to carry heavy goods, without them eventually cracking. The tote box lids are strong, protected and hinged which means you can stack crates on top of each other while containing items. When these crates are empty, you are able to nest the storage crates inside each other, which can save up to 75% of valuable storage space. Due to the super-tough moulding of these ALC crates, you can reuse them which make them fantastic value for your money. This storage crate is also known as a Tote Box, or lidded crate with crocodile closing lids because of their integrated lids which resemble teeth. We also provide dollies for a large range of our tote boxes which allows you to transport your crates easily and safely. Some of the storage crates in our ALC range also contain a slow for labels.

These Tote Boxes have many different uses, the ALC crates with no drain holes; can be used for carrying liquids. These attached lidded containers are largely known for general storage, such as storage in houses or offices. This strongly molded storage containeris also good for storing archiving goods, mainly because of their level of security and the different sizes you can get them in. They ALC Containers are also used in hospitals for carrying medical items and due to the food grade material they are made fromit does make them excellent for storing and transporting food ingredients, raw produce, groceries, bakery and other catering products. These plastic crates are commonly used for many types of applications such as courier service, removals, archive storage, retail, carrying electrical products, and magazine distribution.

Large Attached Lid Plastic Removal Crate

The 80 Litre Removal Crate is the most common attached lid crate, also known as the LC3 crate. The LC3 crateis largely used for removals. It’s popular with office removals; this could be due to the ideal size for storing and transporting lever arch files and because the crate isn’t too big or too small it doesn’t get in the way while storing a lot of items inside. The 80L crate can carry a lot of weight and still stack on top of another Removal Crate due to the strong molding of this storage crate. The dollies are commonly used with this storage crate when doing removals, so when the crates is full with items, the dolly will enable them to move the crate around easier and safer. Other really common removal crates are the computer lidded crates and the metre lidded storage crate;the computer crate capacityis 165 litres and is mainly used to store computer screens and monitors. The Metre lidded crate capacity is 135 litres; they are very strong and can hold a lot of items which makes them very popular for all removal jobs. The IT3 crates are also used in removal jobs; they are 138 Litres, and the same dimensions as the computer crates other than the height which is ideal for transport of smaller computers and large items. All our removal crates are made from polypropylene which makes them very strong crates; they are also durable which allows you to use these storage crates again and again.

Kaiman Attached Lidded Storage Containers

The Kaiman Attached Lidded Storage Containers are the ideal storage crate as they are stackable and nestable which saves valuable storage space. The Kaiman range only comes in the colour blue. This ALC crate comes in many different sizes and is excellent for many different uses. This storage container is used in retail as they are strong and durable, can stack and nest to save space, are easily transportable and provide a high level of security with its crocodile closing lid. This attached lid crate is also used for many other uses including storage of high value goods, storing electrical products, storing medical items, magazine distribution, and general housewares storage, the list is endless...