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Allibins are the perfect solution for small parts component storage. Mini bins come in a range of sizes and 4 different attractive colours. Allibin Storage containers are small but strong plastic stackable containers.

Small part picking bins are ideal for a large number of uses involving the storage of small components. Allibins are used in a number of popular applications including the following:

  • Small Components Storage
  • Storage of mechanical parts
  • Food Storage
  • Storage of engineering parts
  • Storage in a workshop, warehouse or van

Small Parts Picking Bins - Stackable Storage - Allibin Storage

Allibins are the perfect solution for small parts storage. Small parts picking bins come in a range of sizes, starting at 1 litre allibins and finishing with 75 litre allibins. These stackable storage containers come in 4 attractive colours which are Signal Red, Azure Blue, Custard Yellow and Emerald Green however the large 45L and 75L allibins only come in Signal Red. Allibins are used for a variety of applications, including storage of mechanical parts, engineering parts as they’re easy to clean, also are used for storage of chocolates & sweets due to the food grade material they’re manufactured with. These small storage bins can securely stack or clip on to a louvered panel; the louvered panel can be free standing or screwed onto a wall. Allibins have an open front which provides easy access to contents, even when stacked. Open front access makes the allibins very popular with storage of mechanical/engineering parts due to the easy access of the tools.

Louvered Panels

Louvered panels make storage of small part components so much easier for certain applications, such as in the engineering or mechanical industry. Louvered panels is a rack for allibins, you can get free standing louvered panels, or racks that you can attached to a wall. Louvered panels are commonly used on walls of shops, offices and warehouses but are also used in vans. Engineers tend to use these on the side of the vans so they can stand in the van with the allibins on the wall which include their component storage, due to the open front access the components are very easy to get to. Allibins come in 4 colours which could also mean a certain colour could have a certain component; colour coded. The louvered panels are quick and easy to install on walls, at work stations, inside vans and at the end of pallet racking or shelving. Allibins have a rear lip at the back to securely attach the mini-bin to the louvered panel, the racking is very strong and the lip on the back of the mini bin is strong which means you can still store heavy items without any issues. The large 45L & 75L Allibins are not able to be put on the louvered panel.

Allibin Storage

Allibins are made out of Polypropylene, they are very strong and durable and specifically designed to accommodate very small items, that can be securely stacked or hooked to a wall panel for easy access. The fact Allibins can be stacked freely, and stored in vans, warehouses, work stations, stores and various other locations, it makes them very versatile. Small part picking bins ranging from the 1L to the 28L can either be securely stacked or stored on the louvered panel. The larger allibins – 45L & 75L have a support bar which enables them to have secured stacking as they’re larger than the smaller picking bins and can hold more/heavier items.